Most times, we always jump to conclusion and rush into judging people. This actually is not fair either to us or to them. It is actually not healthy too. When Ambode resumed office as the Governor of Lagos State last year, oppositions and some supporters of APC did not know what to expect from him.  I was confused too, but I decided to keep an open mind. This piece is not to praise anybody or any political party. I think we need to clarify this before I continue.

So, back to our discussion. Earlier this year, I noticed that the Governor approved the project of servicing all the street lights in Lagos. The one I noticed and was always pissed at the timing was when they were servicing the street lights that serves the Oregun–Ojota link road.


I work at Omole Phase 1. So whenever am going to work or going home, their servicing trucks do cause traffic throughout that week and I kept speaking out loud to myself like every other Nigerians would do “why can they not do this at night?  Instead of keeping us on the road longer than expected because of their action”

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