workers day

Have you Ever wondered why Bank Holidays are called that? After all, it isn’t only the banks that get a holiday. So is it because the holidays started with the banks? Well, yes and no.

Sir John Lubbock was a Liberal MP. He was a reformer who wanted to improve the lot of the working class which, until that time, had been poverty and misery. The Liberal party had already made some improvements:

Children under nine were no longer allowed to work. Children under thirteen could only work six hours a day. Children under thirteen also had to have two hours a day of schooling. Women could work no more than ten hours a day .But Sir John Lubbock wanted more.

He wanted something that was unheard of for poor people, Holidays. The only time they got off was Christmas Day and Good Friday. Lubbock wanted them to have four more days throughout the year. He chose: Boxing Day, Easter Monday, Whit Monday and the first Monday in August. But his would never get through the House of Commons. Read More