Day 2, 2nd of January 2017, Task: Make Amends

day-2-2nd-of-jan-20171-1If you are reading this post, this means that you believe in making the world a better place and that you have seen my post titled  365 ways to change the world, if you have missed this, check One of the ways we can both make the world a better place by keeping tabs on our acts which go a long way in reflecting  on the way others will treat us. The task for today is for you to make amends.

It is almost sure that there is someone out there that you are no longer speaking with either because you wronged them or they wronged you. It could be because of heated argument, insult, wrong assumptions up to the point that you both are not in talking terms anymore. 

However, you have thought about this person more times than you can count, but for some reasons, you have not made an effort to wipe the state clean, or because the other person is turning you down. Please Note: am not talking about people in abusive relationships o, if your man hits you, he does not love you. You had better run for your life before he kills you or before you kill him. If you think you can endure such abusive relationship because of your children, you would end up ruining their lives. That is another story for another day.

So, how can you make amends? You can do that by burying the past, apologising for what you have done wrong. Admit responsibility. Heal the situation. In doing this, you would have done good and have one thing less to worry about. It might even lead to a new opportunity for you.

Pick up the phone and call him/her or send an sms, an email, buzz him/her on social media. Just try any means possible to reach out to them, if you needed to reach out to more than one person. Do not forget that it does not matter if it was your fault or theirs that you were no longer speaking. It does not matter if they choose not to respond. You have taken the first step. That is what is important.

What you need is a little humility to act, the time invested is not up to ten minutes and what you stand to gain is a clean conscience.

Don’t forget “Do not burn bridges, if you cannot swim, fly or disappear”- Akinpelu Sherif Lanre

Stay Blessed. See you tomorrow.



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