365 ways to change the world,a series


How did I come about this Idea? Actually, this idea was not mine. I came across a book titled “365 ways to change the world by Michael Norton” on the 5th of November, 2015. After flipping through the first few pages, without haggling the price, I paid for the book.

This book is actually the author’s contribution to the series of problems facing all countries in the world. But we both know that government, societal and international institutions cannot solve these problems alone because they are reasonable for most of these problems but how can we not step in and save the day?365-ways-to-change-the-world-how-to

The issues that we are facing might seem so huge, so difficult to deal with that it’s hard to believe that anything we can do will have a meaningful impact. By doing something, we are actually giving other people’s hope. For what is life without hope?

“Together we can change the world. That is the idea underlying this book. Though, the way to live, the adjustments we make our lives, and the actions we take on issues that really concern us, we can begin to make a difference.” These were the words of the author Michael Norton and his book contains an idea-a-day to change the world.

So, I decided to spread this gospel with you all by sharing a post per day. All you need to do is visit my INSTAGRAM Page:@iamfadeyioloro or you can just subscribe to my blog via email to get updates every day from my blog.

In an hour, I would update our task for today, 1st of January 2017. After completing the tasks, we can share our opinions about each in the comment section below. May we be blessed with the strength to contribute our quota to making the world a better place.

Stay Blessed.


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