Most times, we always jump to conclusion and rush into judging people. This actually is not fair either to us or to them. It is actually not healthy too. When Ambode resumed office as the Governor of Lagos State last year, oppositions and some supporters of APC did not know what to expect from him.  I was confused too, but I decided to keep an open mind. This piece is not to praise anybody or any political party. I think we need to clarify this before I continue.

So, back to our discussion. Earlier this year, I noticed that the Governor approved the project of servicing all the street lights in Lagos. The one I noticed and was always pissed at the timing was when they were servicing the street lights that serves the Oregun–Ojota link road.


I work at Omole Phase 1. So whenever am going to work or going home, their servicing trucks do cause traffic throughout that week and I kept speaking out loud to myself like every other Nigerians would do “why can they not do this at night?  Instead of keeping us on the road longer than expected because of their action”

I never saw the importance of what they were doing at that time. I felt, he could work on the bad roads, restructure the health sector and start working on providing jobs for the unemployed youths in Lagos. But however, I forgot that great things starts small and little things actually matters.

That was how I left my office on the 2nd day in the month of July, 2016 around 7:00pm because I had to work late. I told Joan, a colleague, to get her bag that I am good to go. So, we got into my car and that was how we said bye-bye to Omole Phase 1. When we got to the gate that links to Agidingbi road, I noticed the horn I just used some moments ago was no longer working. I was mad. Then I remembered that even our lives are not ours to keep. So, I continued with a new mindset which means, I need to drive below 50 km/hr so as to avoid someone hitting me or me hitting someone.

Before we knew it, we were already on Oregun road heading towards Ojota. Did I tell you where I live? I live at Sabo.  It was already around 7:25 pm and there was a need to turn on the headlight. So, I turned it on and it did not work. I was sad because I still drove the car the previous night. My fears began to diminish when I saw the arrays of street lights. Then I smiled and I said to Joan “You know our ‘caretaker’; Ambode, has really done something o?” she said what? I told her the streetlights now while I point at them. She smiled.

At that moment, I was not thinking about my bad horn & faulty headlight. I just took it as one of those things. I then moved to the left side of the road so I would not have reason to overtake another car while driving with the street light and the rays of light from other vehicles helped me paddle through the semi-lighted endless road. Without these lights, I would have to look for a place to park and board public transport home. But will my car be safe there? Do I have loads in the trunk? It was not funny but I got home yesterday.

Though, the journey was not safe but I got home in peace thanks to the street lights. I got to Sabo peacefully around 8:20 pm and there and then, I realized that every little thing matters and if something as little as street lights can get me home safely, imagine what an overhead-bridge, a  low-cost housing estate  and quality health care can do for us?



  1. Samuel "Proz" Sokale · December 10, 2016

    heheheehe..hilariously educative bro. Agreeably, its illogical and myopic to judge efforts and personalities no matter how much we seem to know. Even GOD, the omni-knowest will not judge us until the end of time.
    And personally, i feel Ambode isnt doing badly. I think his cementing the laudable efforts of BRF in Lagos, to my best of knowledge tho..Thanks much bro.

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  2. Alwayshungryyyyy · December 10, 2016


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  3. Alwayshungryyyyy · December 10, 2016



  4. atinuke · December 10, 2016

    Gud one bro… can never realize the usefulness of dat akara seller who sits by d junction of one’s street,until one day when u’ve bought bread on ur way back from work after a long day,only to find out that d akara seller whom u feel wld av complimented ur bread with some akara balls has traveled to her village.#thanks Lanre#thanks Ambode#still lighting up lagos#

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