1. You are responsible for your financial dealings. Even if you will put someone in charge, make sure you monitor it.
  2. If you live abroad, make sure you have investments and properties in your country of origin.
  3. Endeavour to get an education. It will save your life.
  4. Speak out! Do not die in silence.
  5. A closed mouth is a closed destiny.
  6. Not everybody in your team is routing for you.
  7. Whenever you leave a job for another, please & please, always leave on a good note. He was in good term with his former club Galatasaray that was why they offered him a new job as an Assistant Coach for the club’s under 14 team.


workers day

Have you Ever wondered why Bank Holidays are called that? After all, it isn’t only the banks that get a holiday. So is it because the holidays started with the banks? Well, yes and no.

Sir John Lubbock was a Liberal MP. He was a reformer who wanted to improve the lot of the working class which, until that time, had been poverty and misery. The Liberal party had already made some improvements:

Children under nine were no longer allowed to work. Children under thirteen could only work six hours a day. Children under thirteen also had to have two hours a day of schooling. Women could work no more than ten hours a day .But Sir John Lubbock wanted more.

He wanted something that was unheard of for poor people, Holidays. The only time they got off was Christmas Day and Good Friday. Lubbock wanted them to have four more days throughout the year. He chose: Boxing Day, Easter Monday, Whit Monday and the first Monday in August. But his would never get through the House of Commons. Read More

Day 2, 2nd of January 2017, Task: Make Amends

day-2-2nd-of-jan-20171-1If you are reading this post, this means that you believe in making the world a better place and that you have seen my post titled  365 ways to change the world, if you have missed this, check goo.gl/mJxaGM. One of the ways we can both make the world a better place by keeping tabs on our acts which go a long way in reflecting  on the way others will treat us. The task for today is for you to make amends.

It is almost sure that there is someone out there that you are no longer speaking with either because you wronged them or they wronged you. It could be because of heated argument, insult, wrong assumptions up to the point that you both are not in talking terms anymore.  Read More

Day 1, 1st of Jan, 2017 Task: New Year’s Resolution

Today we are going to look at the first task in 365 ways to change the world, if you have missed this, check goo.gl/mJxaGM.The task is for you to write your new year resolution.

New year’s day is a time for looking forward, when we resolve to make a fresh start, do better and try harder. But all too often these resolutions evaporate by the reality hits us either when we are clearing the remains of the new years party or when we get into work next day. Read More

365 ways to change the world,a series


How did I come about this Idea? Actually, this idea was not mine. I came across a book titled “365 ways to change the world by Michael Norton” on the 5th of November, 2015. After flipping through the first few pages, without haggling the price, I paid for the book.

This book is actually the author’s contribution to the series of problems facing all countries in the world. But we both know that government, societal and international institutions cannot solve these problems alone because they are reasonable for most of these problems but how can we not step in and save the day? Read More


Most times, we always jump to conclusion and rush into judging people. This actually is not fair either to us or to them. It is actually not healthy too. When Ambode resumed office as the Governor of Lagos State last year, oppositions and some supporters of APC did not know what to expect from him.  I was confused too, but I decided to keep an open mind. This piece is not to praise anybody or any political party. I think we need to clarify this before I continue.

So, back to our discussion. Earlier this year, I noticed that the Governor approved the project of servicing all the street lights in Lagos. The one I noticed and was always pissed at the timing was when they were servicing the street lights that serves the Oregun–Ojota link road.


I work at Omole Phase 1. So whenever am going to work or going home, their servicing trucks do cause traffic throughout that week and I kept speaking out loud to myself like every other Nigerians would do “why can they not do this at night?  Instead of keeping us on the road longer than expected because of their action”

Read More

Why This Blog?

I have been seeing a lot of things lately either on the news, on TV, online, in books, government policies and I wish someone could listen to what I have got to say but I guess it is not possible with all the series of opinions out there.


I do not want to be like other Nigerians who criticize government policies, behaviour of people, comments on economical, social or religious issues, at newspaper stands or any free time they have to gossip. Instead, I decided to create this blog so I can pass my message to those who care to read it.

I am going to share my views on different issues ranging from Trends, Lifestyle, Excerpts from books with the believe that I would be able to touch someone’s life … Stay Tuned.